For over twenty years East End Studios has set the industry standards for event spaces in Italy. The studios create a multifunctional complex that managed to reinvent an industrial district, transforming it into a truly unique venue.

Located on an area of ten thousand square meters by Via Mecenate in Milan, and divided in spaces of different sizes, the East End Studios were born from the early 1900’s red brick industrial buildings of the airplane factory Caproni di Taliedo.

The industrial redevelopment of the whole area began in the mid 90s with the Spazio Antologico thanks to the collaboration with the architect Marek Piotrowsky, a pioneer of the exhibition design. The East End Studios were then developed with new locations, each with a specific identity.

The studios offer an industrial archeologic aesthetic alongside the most modern technologies and production services for events. This is a place to host shows and events of any kind thanks to the flexibility of the independent and customisable spaces.